Saturday, October 26, 2013

What's Coming Down the Wire

Thank you all for continuing to make this blog a success. A couple days ago, I passed the 2500 page views mark, which I think is a major milestone. It's the support of all y'all that makes me come back to the screen and keyboard again and again.

After a long layoff due primarily to (1) laziness, (2) busy summer work, and (3) not being at my computer very much, I am happy to have re-entered the blogosphere which some pretty exciting posts lately. But do not fear! There's more on the way. Here's some of the ideas I'm crunching for posts for the near future:
  • A critical assessment of WES ridership
  • Updates to the external bus announcements (and my plan to make them change it)
  • A comfort comparison of 3000 and 3100-series buses
  • Remembering a rebel I-Beam
  • Breaking down the distribution of the bus fleet per garage
These are just some of the bigger ideas I'm working on. These may show up sooner or later, depending on how everything works out. But I am super excited to finally be able to be making this blog into what I originally envisioned it to be. I will keep up with current events at the same time, though, giving you interesting variety while not overloading you with technical details.

Thanks again for your support! Hope you all enjoy what I got down the pipe.

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