Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ellen vs. Lane

The Lane Jensen saga continues. Except that this time Lane is not the aggressor.

Meet Ellen Fox.

Ellen is a TriMet bus operator who runs the Cyber Stalking and Workplace Bullying blog. It's supposed to be a blog about TriMet, but it's actually more of a hate blog against Al M himself (hover over the link above to see the URL). She has this thing about being the victim, and is always looking for opportunities to show how one of the other bloggers or employees is out to get her.

Have you heard of her? Maybe not. You've heard of Al M and Lane Jensen. Maybe you've heard the names Jason McHuff, Erik Halstead, Alex Hawk, and others. But Ellen is always on the outside. Why? She spends more time attacking the other bloggers than she spends attacking injustice at TriMet. She keeps herself on the outside of the core blogging group. Her credibility has always been questionable, which is sad considering the impact she could have made had she sided with the rest of the blogging community instead of burning bridges from the start.

So what does Lane have anything to do with this? Well, Ellen has always disliked Lane, as Lane has also always disliked Ellen. Lane, in his lack of restraint as far as speaking his mind, used to post occasionally about Ellen and her antics. It's no surprise that Lane spoke his mind concerning Ellen, but then again everything he said about her was as reasonable as one could be considering we can't get into Ellen's mind to really understand why she does what she does.

So what happened to start this? (I know you are going to be like this when you hear this.) Lane got onto Ellen's bus. That's it. Lane got onto Ellen's bus. And Ellen told Lane that she would call the cops if he got onto her bus again.

Okay, okay. So Lane used to know exactly how to find Ellen before. But here's the thing: things have changed. Lane's actually focused more on baseball than TriMet now (that's a fact, I know 'cuz I got him into it). He wasn't trying to 'track her down,' he was just getting on her bus to go somewhere like a normal person (because, of course, he is transit dependent). And also remember, it's not her bus. It's TriMet's bus. She has authority of what goes on while driving the bus, but there's no distinction between this bus or that bus. (For the record, Lane had to actually ask someone else for information about what Ellen is currently driving so he could avoid her. He didn't have that information himself.)

Well, Lane tweeted about it. Because that's what people do. Then this shows up on Ellen's blog:
(From Al's blog here)

What is going on here? I have no idea. As a blogger, why would you even think of putting something up on the internet that is actually technically a threat? It is a mystery to me. Notice that the "tweet" in question is actually dated 1/27/14. Things have changed. The post in question lists a bunch of things Lane "did" against her, many of which were likely not necessarily against her personally.

Now TriMet has actually responded to the complaint by Lane and has taken appropriate action concerning her (see here). We'll see if there is any sort of good that comes from this.

And FYI for all potential TriMet bloggers out there: If you don't want the blogging community to alienate you, don't alienate them. We're all in this together, regardless of our personal opinions.


  1. Best thing to do about Ellen (and for Ellen to do about Lane/Al/etc) is to just ignore it. The only reason why this continues is because nobody is big enough to just let it go and move on -- so it just keeps getting stirred up over and over and over. This post is just more "stirring". Now Ellen is going to post about you...and then you'll post about Ellen....SOSDD.

  2. If she posts about me, then so be it. I have nothing personal against her. I also understand that Lane has done a variety of things that could have been construed as threatening, especially for someone like her who seems to feel threatened more easily than others. However, Lane never made any real threats against her. And since the demise of the PTL blog, Lane has grown from all this and won't do anything against anyone again like that. He has too much working for him now in life to risk doing something stupid.

    My point here is to simply relate the events of recent in a logical flow. It's a very interesting story, especially considering Lane didn't provoke her recently at all. I understand how she could have been spooked, and rightly so. But her way of handling it is simply out of line in my book. I hope she understands this.

  3. I find it amazing that you think you're going to teach Ellen anything. The incident between her and Al happened 5 years ago. She is still posting about it. You really think you're going to change her mind about something??

  4. I have no expectations of changing her mind. I just put it on the table and people can do with it as they may. I always personally try to give people the chance, even if past experience shows that it may not be worth anything. I am simply reporting on the story from my perspective.

  5. I think its a very factual post,but I agree with Max right now, just ignore her. Who cares about Ellen vs Me or Ellen vs Lane or Ellen vs Chris Day or Ellen vs John Olson etc etc etc.


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