Monday, April 29, 2013

Hang On

Hang on, TriMet fighters. There's breakthrough is a-comin' and you don't wanna be left outside.

Change is in the air: trust me. The tide is turning, and victory is in sight.

But the war can't be won if there is division among the cavalry. Internal bickering and fighting only places power back in the hands of the very force that we're trying to disarm.

We are all people from different backgrounds. We have different tactics, different reasons for fighting, even different political views. We are motivated by different reasons. But we all have a common goal: to get our beloved transit agency back.

Believe it or not, but I have issues with all of you people. There's something about your personalities, tendencies, and/or tactics that frustrates me. HOWEVER, I'll save that until after we've won. I can look past those problems. That's because I'm looking to the goal.

Unlike TriMet, there is little that unites us. We are not being given a paycheck by the same company. The other side is very strong, because they actually have an established existence. This little club isn't even a real club; it's just a bunch of people who have a strange hobby or other connection (like former employee) that makes us all run into each other a lot on Twitter. I mean, the fact that this movement even has power is incredible.

But the reason why this is happening is because we all want the same thing. And the common goal has gotten so important that we put aside our differences (and differences of opinion) to see this through to the end. If someone has a problem with that and can't stand strong, then they won't be helpful to the cause.

I am taking a team processes class right now. Teams are made up of different people, all with different talents and skills. Some are good at standing on soapboxes. Some are good at holding signs and making posters. Some are even good at, I don't know, blogging? If we all did the same thing, it would just be a club. No one can take that club seriously.

But the fact is that cause is too important to let this slip away. I understand and respect that each of us has a part to play in this. No one is more important than another, and no one is less important because they aren't on the proverbial 'front lines.' Together, victory is sure. Separated, we are as strong as Jello.

I am the newcomer to this. It took me a long time to jump in, but I realized that instead of fighting apart I should fight with the rest of the army. Many of you know I don't support unions most of the time, but I do agree with the basic premise behind them: one employee has no voice; 200 employees have a voice. And if there is injustice, strength in numbers can fix these problems.

So, thank you for letting me in this funny little club. I hope that you all continue to work together to see this through to the end. I'll do my part.

That you may know the truth, and where it's lacking, that together we find the truth.

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