Saturday, April 27, 2013

You Lost Me

TriMet, you lost me.

You lost me. Not forever, but you could have had me sooner. You missed that opportunity.

Now, I'm not one to say outright that I am something special. I am no hero, I am no genius. But I am someone who can make a huge difference at TriMet. There are few people, if any, who know more about TriMet than I (who don't already work there, and I still know more than many of them). I've had many ideas of how to improve the system, some they figured out themselves after I did (like the 48-Cornell going to Sunset). And the only activity I am more passionate about is work at my church. I love all things TriMet, I know most things TriMet (and continue to learn more).

And, I'm also close to completing my Bachelors Degree in Business Logistics & Human Resources Management. So I have that going on, too.

I once was given a tour of TriMet headquarters. I talked with many people, all of whom were supportive of me and thought I was, as many TriMet employees over the years have called me, a "shoe-in."

But you lost me. I had every intention of working out an internship this summer. I would have even taken an unpaid internship. I was hoping to get in the door as soon after I graduated in December as I could. But, due to your true lack of transparency and trustworthiness, my desire to get in the proverbial door has been somewhat squelched, enough to make me go to the PSU job fair last term. And now I intend on starting out in another logistics field.

Is this because the opportunities weren't there? No, because I truly believed (through faith in God) that the opportunity to get into TriMet would be there at the right time. But as the events over the last few months have unfolded, what I so longed for became undesirable. Why would I want to work at place that has management I don't trust? Why would I want to work at a place that has taken actions that have made me lean more toward the other side, the side working to dethrone the leaders?

So, for now, I am happy to write my blog and challenge the agency to become transparent, honest, and trustworthy. The only reason this matters to me is because I love it so much. After God and family, there is nothing that excites me more, nothing that I care about seeing thrive more than TriMet. And I will get there. Someday, when the time is right, I will walk in those doors with a TriMet employee ID badge.

But for now, you lost me, I'm sorry to say. You don't realize what you're missing. Please recognize that your actions do have consequences. Together, let's work together to do things right so that there won't be any more consequences. Because I know we both want you to be the best.


  1. You finally figured this situation out.

  2. Patrick, sorry to hear this. We're not perfect, and we're doing our best to get the facts out there about transit issues, which, as you know, can sometimes be quite complex. (Note: We didn't hear back from you, so we're wondering if you received the emails last month from Diane Goodwin in our Public Affairs department?) Regardless, we know we can do a better job getting accurate info out to you and the public. So, please let us know... What can we do to regain your trust?


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