Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Now (Apparently Not Yet) Blocking Retirees

So, what looked like a blocked Twitter account appears to have been a simple Twitter glitch.

Twitter still shows Al as being followed by, and still following, TriMet, which would change if someone was being blocked. Also, TriMet took notice of this issue through viewing this blog and the corresponding tweets, taking the time to not only comment on it but also ask around in the communications department to see if anyone blocked Al.

This happens from time to time, where someone in the blogging community sees something wrong and jumps to the obvious conclusion that may not be accurate. I am guilty of this here this time as well, but you can't blame us -- it looked like the obvious answer.

I give kudos to the TriMet communication department for being so prompt in trying to help get this problem resolved. This shows that there are people in that department who are trying to do the right thing, and it also shows that the aforementioned feedback is, in fact, still being received.

However, the words I said in the prior blog entry still stand as a warning. If someone does take the action of cutting off the communication between the agency and the stakeholders, these would be the perceived results. I hope no one ever takes such rash action, as it would be a detriment to both the bloggers and the agency.

Open communication is crucial to building TriMet to be the best in the business again. Hopefully, this communication is allowed to thrive; but it is also important that both sides actually listen to what the other one is saying and take it to heart. Because, maybe, it is something that can result in benefits to everybody.


  1. I'm not sure what's going on with my twitter feed?
    I have no reason to disbelieve them however

  2. It's interesting how they answered to you and not to me however


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