Saturday, April 13, 2013

New Technology

Apparently, TriMet's main computer system crashed this morning and didn't come back online until about 11am. Everybody is quick to blame the "faulty" new CAD/AVL (computer aided dispatch/automatic vehicle location) system that is nearly completely rolled out throughout the system. People say it was a $30 million waste of money.

However, the thing about the implementation of new technology in a business, especially when it is large and complex (like the CAD system), things rarely go completely smoothly at first. It takes time to get it right, but when they do get it right it will work well for a long time. So, in the context of the CAD system, just give it time: it's a good system, and once it's fully in place, it will be a great asset for the agency.

One more thing to remember: computer glitches aren't always the fault of the technology: there is the human factor, too. But we'll get to that in a later post.

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